Why the butterfly?  People living with Lupus often have a rash on their face called a malar rash.  Commonly called a 'butterfly' rash, it appears across the nose and cheeks, in the shape of a butterfly's wings.  You will find a different butterfly on each page, representing how different Lupus is for each person. Check out Our Favorite Links

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CenterWatch Trial Listings

UCSF Autoimmune Disease Genetics Research Projects

Lupus Foundation of America

American Autoimmune Related Diseases Associations

Alliance for Lupus Research

American College of Rheumatology

Lupus International

Lupus Canada

National Institute of Health - Handout on Health: SLE

Dr. Daniel Wallace's website

Partners Against Pain


Find a Rheumatologist in your area

American Association of People with Disabilities

ExceptionalNurse.com: a resource network for students and nurses with disabilities

The Disability Network

About Social Security Disability Benefits

The Medicine Program - Low Cost Prescriptions

IDA - Invisible Disabilities Association

Disability Secrets - Social Security Benefits

RxList - Info on Medications


Lupus at About.com

Medicine Net.Com - Systemic Lupus Center


Lynne's Sjogren's Syndrome Page

Funny Fine Art & Lupus with Painter Jayne

But You Don't Look Sick.com

The Lupus Site


C Wear - 50+ SPF Sun Protective Clothing, Hats and Swimwear

Coolibar - Quality Sun Protection Clothing and More

Sungrubbies.com - Sun Protective Clothing, Hats & More

SunGuard Sun Protection - laundry additive to block the sun's harmful rays

Sun Precautions - Medical solutions for sun sensitive and sun sensible people

Total Block - Freedom for the Light Sensitive


Bare Minerals - Pure mineral makeup that protects with a natural SPF 15 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Order checks from Classic Checks and benefit the Lupus Foundation

Lupus items to buy from The Lupus Site

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