Why the butterfly?  People living with Lupus often have a rash on their face called a malar rash.  Commonly called a 'butterfly' rash, it appears across the nose and cheeks, in the shape of a butterfly's wings.  You will find a different butterfly on each page, representing how different Lupus is for each person. Meet Our Lupie Friends!

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Click on Julie's picture to read her story

Julie, California

Click on Karin's picture to read her story

Karin, California

Click on Linda's picture to read her story

Linda, California

Kay, Oklahoma

Our friend Karyn from Suite101.com!  Click on her picture to see her website!!

Karyn, Florida

Click on Anne's picture to read her story

Anne, New Jersey

Mary, New York

Click on Jo's picture to read her story

Jo with grand-daughter Cheyanne Alyssa, New York

Marty, South Carolina

Click here to read Cindy and Amber's story

Cindy, daughter Amber, and family, Oklahoma

Barbara, California

Click here to read Sarah's story


Evelyn and husband Simon, Maryland


Eileen, Pennsylvania

Nancy, Mississippi

Click on Barb's picture to read her story

Barb, Michigan

Click on Tamika's picture to read her story

Tamika and family

'Sing' and pet-pal, Canada

Kim, North Carolina

Jeanine, Texas

Click on Denna's picture to read her story

Denna, Alabama

Moe and family

Monica, Colorado


Dawn, Tennessee

Carrie and family

Nellie and pup Joey


Click on Anna's picture to read her story

Anna, Toronto

Lori & husband Mark, Indiana

Click on Tara's picture to read her story

Tara, California

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