Why the butterfly?  People living with Lupus often have a rash on their face called a malar rash.  Commonly called a 'butterfly' rash, it appears across the nose and cheeks, in the shape of a butterfly's wings.  You will find a different butterfly on each page, representing how different Lupus is for each person. Books and Stuff!!

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To learn more about Lupus, we recommend the following books:

A Lupus Handbook: These Are The Faces of Lupus by A. G. Moore - (This book has been recognized by The Lupus Foundation of America and is on their list of recommended educational material.
This book has also been featured in Lupus Now magazine.)

The Lupus Book : A Guide for Patients and Their Families by Daniel J. Wallace

Lupus Q&A - Everything You Need to Know by Robert G. Lahita, M.D., Ph.D., and Robert H. Phillips, Ph.D.

The First Year--Lupus: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Nancy C. Hanger

Everything You Need to Know About Lupus (Need to Know Library) by Andre Maraux

The Challenges of Lupus : Insights & Hope by Henrietta Aladjem

Living With Lupus : A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Controlling Lupus While Getting on With Your Life by Mary Horowitz, Marietta Abrams Brill, Mark Horowitz, Kent Humphreys

Embracing the Wolf : A Lupus Victim and Her Family Learn to Live With Chronic Disease by Joanna Baumer Permut, Alexa M. Selph (Editor),

God's Plan Included Lupus by Doug Rodgers

Coping With Lupus : A Guide to Living With Lupus for You and Your Family by Robert H. Phillips


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